Hardware Compatibility

Make sure that your computer is VR ready !

In order for MESHROOM VR to operate in the best conditions, you must ensure that your computer is matching our minimum technical specifications

  • i5 quadcore or i7 quadcore processor
  • 8G, 16G, 24G or 32G of RAM
  • An Nvidia GeForce 1070 graphics card or higher (1080)

                 (as a reminder, most Nvidia Quadro cards are not VR ready. The one that are, are not as powerful as the GeForce)

Meshroom VR fixed of Mobile !

Thanks to the technologies we use, Meshroom VR can operate as well on desktop or laptop computers.

Depending on your usecase, select a laptop or a desktop that is fully VR ready. The most important is the graphics card !

We highly recommend to use N-Vidia Ge-Force with a minimum resolution of 1070 that will ensure a smooth HTC Vive experience. Anything below might get you seasick.


Select a computer with at least a N-Vidia GeForce 1070 or higher


If you have a desktop, make sure you equip it with an N-Vidia GeForce 1070 or higher