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Question : How to prepare my objects in my CAD SW to ensure an optimal visualization in VR ?

Answer : Meshroom VR is doing a lot during the import to ensure that your object look the best at scale 1:1. Nevertheless, t is for certain that following certain rules and certain processes will allow an optimal visualization , especially when it comes to materials and textures. Please find here a few pages dedicated to export optimization from SolidWorks and Rhino. Concepts explained in those documents can very often be applied to other CAD SW :

Question : What do I need to be able to start using Meshroom VR ?

Answer : In order to use Meshroom, I need three main components

1) A MESHROOM Licence
Buy a licence in our webstore and this will allow you to install Meshroom software on your PC

2) A VR compatible PC.
There is a great choice of VR ready PC’s now available from different manufacturers and using WINDOWS OS. Check the posts about hardware compatibility to find out if your PC is VR ready or what you need to buy.

3) An HTC Vive VR Headset
Its screen definition and its unique motion tracking system are putting the HTC Vive at the top of VR helmets for industrial usage. HTC Vice is being sold by multiple consumer electronics retailers across the world.

Find more information on Meshroom VR in the different sections of the Forum :

Question : Is Meshroom VR helping to get the real scale perception ?

Answer : Yes, Meshroom VR is great solution to get the right perception of the scale of an object. That is actually why it is such a valuable tool. This will give you the opportunity to see it as in real life. Interestingly, you will also see it as someone of your height. Allowing also to see from shorter or taller people point of view.

Question : What is Meshroom VR ?

Answer :

Virtual Reality revolution for product design is here !

And it is now available to all actors in the product industry.
designers, manufacturers, product managers : Meshroom VR is for you.

In order to validate the shapes, volumes, proportions or ergonomic of a product that is being designed, the multiple industry players have no choice than to manufacture prototypes of their models. This step is long and costly. Thanks to the now affordable and high quality VR technology, MeshroomVR is aiming to be a game changer in the way designers can import, visualize and interact in a VR environment the 3D files at scale 1:1. This enables thousands of Euros savings per project and a new way faster to iterate on projects.

check the video :

Question : What are the most common use cases for Meshroom VR ?

Answer : There are a great number of use cases. Each designer has its own points to be validated and its own creative process. Meshroom VR can be used during the internal validation with the design team during the design phase, or with external groups and even validation with the customer. The key thing about Meshroom VR is that because of its low cost, the speed to get it up and running and its simplicity, it is always on and can very easily be used. Designers, product managers will be able to make changes to the object and visualise it as many times as needed, with no extra costs. Discussions with differents services will be easier as distant people can receive the latest modifications by email and visualise them locally in VR, shortening decision cycle and reducing travel cost.

Question : What are the pre-requisite to be able to use Meshroom VR

Answer : Meshroom VR is a virtual reality visualisation solution running on a PC. It is using the commercially available HTC VIve helmet. This helmet is available in many computer stores. In order to use Meshroom VR, you thus need to own a compatible PC and an HTC Vive helment. WARNING : All PC are not VR compatible and in order to use smoothly Meshroom VR, there is a minimum level of requirements. Please check the Hardware compatibility page on to check your HW compatibility.

Before starting to install Meshroomvr.exe file on your computer, you need to ensure that your HTC Vive helmet is correctly installed. There are detailled information within the HTC Vive box that will drive you through this process. This process includes the creation of a STEAM account.

Thereafter are a few screenshots of the HTC Vive installation process. Please refer to the HTC Vive documentation for more detailed information.

Figure 2 : Vive installation Software window

Once the HTC Vive installation SW done, make sure that the HTC VIve is correctly plugged and start the Steam VR application (Figure 3); Use the “Vive room configurator”, by clicking on the top left arrow next to the SteamVR text as shown on figure 3 : the Steam VR room configuration interface window.

Figure 3 : Steam VR room configuration interface window

 Please find here a well made Youtube video link explaining in detail how to install the HTC Vive :

You are now ready to start using Meshroom VR Studio

Question : May I use Meshroom VR Studio on several computers ?

Answer : Meshroom VR Studio licence is linked to the physical characteristics of a single computer. It is thus attached to one computer only. It is not possible to use the same licence on several computers.

Question : Can I share my objets  once I textured them using Meshroom VR Studio ?

Answer : YES; Once you textured an object, you can save it in the first screen on the PC after leaving the VR showroom. Select the Save option and normally save the file as a .mro file. The MRO file format will save all the textures selected, it will also save the elevation levels saved in the VR elevator option and many other parameters. The MRO file can be transferred by email or other means to any person using Meshroom VR Studio application, who will be able to open the MRO file and visualise it textured , with all the saved parameters.

Question : What is Meshroom VR Studio "Texturing Mode"

Answer : Meshroom VR allows to apply textures to the different parts of an imported object in order to make the visualisation as realistic as possible.

This texturing is done directly in any of the VR showrooms by turning the "Texturing mode" ON.

Figure 1 : HTC Vive controller buttons

Pressing the button  "3) Switch to texturing mode" will alternately turn the texturing button ON and OFF.

In the texturing mode, there are three tables: the first one is showing the object to be textured and the balls representing all the different parts of the object that can be textured, the second on is a shelf with ready made textures and the third one is a texturing table enabling you to create any texture combination by changing colors and parameters.

You do not need an internet connection to use Meshroom VR. But, you need one during the purchasing and the licence activation process.

After purchase, you will receive an activation key to enter in Meshroom VR application. The software will then access the internet to verify the key and activate your licence. Once activated, it is possible to use Meshroom VR without being connected to the internet during the licence validity (12 months standard). You will need to reconnect to the internet during the Licence renewal activation process.