ACH & Newdesign’air are two leading companies for aircrafts and helicopters cabin design. They are based in France in Poitiers and Montauban. They conceive and manufacture all the related elements including seats, saddlery, carpets, Curtains, Composite, furniture, or composite. Their customers are mainly private jets owners such as Falcons, but also general aircrafts manufacturers who need their expertise to design and build entire airliner cabins.

The design department conceives their cabins using Catia V5 CAD software. They also use other rendering solutions but they claim that the VR approach is now a real strength improving their workflow. The introduction of MeshroomVR was effortless for both companies and the fast import of their existing 3D files allowed them to instantly validate shapes, volumes and final rendering of the cabins in a much more intuitive manner. Thanks to the powerful material editor of MeshroomVR Studio, ACH & Newdesign’air are able to switch seats materials from Camel leather to a dark fabric, or a furniture from a varnished wood to a glossy paint or even a realistic tainted carbon in a matter of seconds. 

This enables quicker and deeper discussions of the customization alternatives thanks to the powerfulness of the parameters including color, scale, bumps, reflection, or brightness and their easy modifications and real time rendering. It has become so easy for ACH & Newdesign’air team members to present the different possibilities to their customers. They can then give earlier in the process a well-informed feedback about customization choices and thus take better and faster decisions.


« For every single project, and before we would start production, the VR 3D model presentation meeting with the customer is becoming a mandatory step of the process so he can get an immersive and realistic view of the cabin. » reports Jean Philippe Dervaux, Head of R&D and Design at chez ACH.

ACH & Newdesign’air marketing team is also using MeshroomVR Studio during fairs and professional exhibitions. Lately, at the International Aircraft interior expo in Hamburg, the two companies reserved a large part of the booth to the MeshroomVR experience to present an extensive number of their products and cabins portfolio. Thanks to the autonomous preparation and the powerfulness of the rendering, ACH & Newdesign’air could provide an incredible experience to their customers at a very affordable cost. On top of that, the flexibility of the solution allowed the marketing team to customize their presentations to various customers on the spot. « The fact that we can do all the modifications ourselves, on the spot, endlessly at no additional cost comforted us in the choice we made to select MeshroomVR Studio »

This feedback is so important to us at MeshroomVR as this is the goal of the solution: provide the highest professional and realistic results and still be usable by everyone in the company autonomously.

As a conclusion, ACH & Newdesign’air experience with Meshroom Studio is extremely positive. « The most important element of MeshroomVR is the incredible VR material editor fully integrated to the VR experience creation. Changing seats material from a leather to a fabric or a furniture with multiple types of wood is one of our top priority in the conception and sales process at ACH » says Jean Philippe Dervaux.

At MeshroomVR we are spending time with our customers to collect their feedback and thanks to the comments of ACH & Newdesign’air users and their customers inputs, we already included suggested improvements. We will continue to do so aiming at even more simplicity and realism.




ACH & Newdesign’air will continue to expand MeshroomVR studio usage.« At ACH, it is becoming important to see that our customers get more and more familiar to VR usage in their interaction process with us. They all realize the incredible value tools like MeshroomVR brings to the quality of our discussions » summarizes Jean Philippe Dervaux, adding that MeshroomVR has truly become a central element of the company digital transformation.