For this new release, the whole MeshroomVR team attention was on making the the simplicity and the power of the Studio even better! The goal was clear:  to reach the best VR experience. Let us know if we are on track and Download our free demo. If you already use Meshroom Studio, feel free to download too and upgrade your version to enjoy those new features: 


1. A viewer without a VR headset

You don’t have a VR headset with you now or it is not plugged in? Not a problem. You can now visualize your object in a showroom without it. You can zoom in and zoom out in scrolling with your mouse on the same way as on the materials editor. You can even use the screenshot easily by pressing the “X” key of your keyboard and generate quality images.



2. New import formats supported

More, more, more: MeshroomVR supports more files formats : Meshroom Studio now handles Blender and 3DS files but also supports the new revolutionary GLTF  format and takes part in the adoption of this new universal format. 



3. Lights materials 

Adding lights will dramatically improve your 3D model realism. Car headlights,  computer screens, LED’s are just a few example that will boost your presentation. Tune the color and the power easily with the materials editor parameters.


4. A fresh tutorial

Getting on board MeshroomVR is getting even easier 🙂. We have now integrated a tutorial in every step of MeshroomVR experience. Simply hover your mouse over an element to find out related tool tips. If you are lost, just release the mouse a few seconds: a help window will open to guide you through the various features of Meshroom Studio. Who needs a manual ?






Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback !