Souscription Meshroom Studio Beta 12 mois

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This licence is valid for 12 consecutive months. It provides full access to Meshroom VR Studio product for one specific computer. This licence cannot be migrated to another computer once installed.

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Product Description

MESHROOM VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) presentation software, allowing designers and product makers to validate instantly, at a very low cost and at scale 1:1, the design of their 3D objects.
Until now, in order to validate a product proportion or ergonomy, designers had no other choice than to prototype their product. This operation is for sure time consuming and also sometimes very costly. Latest VR (Virtual reality) helmets are a game changer allowing any team to afford them. Thanks to Mesroom VR studio, it is now so easy and fast to import and visualize 3D files in a very realistic environment and to validate them before prototyping.