Polygon optimizer (PRO Version only)

From the settings page, use the polygon optimizer to reduce polygon counts on large 3D files before importing.

Photo effect options

Showcase your product by using different options in the HDR editor: field of view, depth of field, chromatic aberration, vignette, saturation, high-quality bloom.

"Look at" function

Focus on a specific point on your 3D object (material & HDR editor)


Parts hiding

Hide, show or isolate any part of your object in material & HDR editor.



Object move

Change position values (x,y,z) of your object by moving directly in the HDR editor.

Simplified navigation bar

For better user experience, switch between edition modes easily.

Create nice animation (rotate, pan, zoom) that you can capture as video

Automatic display of product highlighting (rotate, panning, zooming motion) in material & HDR editor. Shortcuts available in the preference page.

Customizable posters

To better showcase a product, integrate your own personalized posters in the showrooms named Studio & Studio light.




Import: User has now the choice not to optimize the file when above 5M polygons.

Import and Material Editor: Faster model load (texture load cache added).

Import: Read roughness and metalness info of material when importing OBJ/FBX/DAE/GLTF.

Import: Better support of textures with mask and transparency.

Material editor: Possible PNG file import with 16bits/component.

Material editor: User can create category or material directly from the main screen (clicking on a category header or empty spaces).

Material Editor: Add option for copy/pasting color directly from material editor main screen.

HDR editor: «HDR only» with factory settings.

HDR editor: «Reset settings» option.

HDR Editor: Add high-quality bloom effect (in screenshot category).

Menu: Optimized shortcuts to change values (mouse wheel, keys arrows).

Menu: New import page.

Menu: New import options for STEP and IGES.

Menu: New preference page (Polygon optimization options, smoothing options and all shortcuts) - Accessible from the main page & the import page.

VR mode: Save info on a position change in VR (Press «D» during VR) - A .txt file named « objectdumpinformation» is available in Documents/MeshroomVR.

VR mode: Drag and drop material on the color picker.

VR mode: Color picker: direct click available.

Better quality of reflection.


"Installer" is now checking the available size before installing

Material editor: Fix the flickering problem of some non-squared imported textures.

Material editor: The TAB key allows unselecting everything.

Material editor: Disable the gizmo function by clicking anywhere on the interface.

Material editor: Bump, power value max should be 1 by default.

Material editor: Improved UV file reading.

Material editor: Right click can now move the camera or display the contextual menu

Material editor: «Reset view» improved.

Material editor: Fix crashes when the user was dragging/brewing/dropping materials on the model.

Material editor: Material categories are now left open with editing a material.

Material editor: Fix problem where the object was moved up when editing material, or when rotating light.

HDR editor: Keyboard panning, speed is now consistent and slow.

HDR editor: TAB key does not change camera.

HDR editor: When the camera hits the limit, it does not bump.

HDR editor: Hi-res screenshots now have a perfect quality.

HDR editor: Sun color is now coherent.

HDR editor: Better management of sun color.

HDR editor: Fix problem when saving pictures (sometimes only one picture can be saved, other pictures were 72 bytes long).

3D environment: Asphalt showroom optimized.

Menu: Loading MRO files should point inside directory «ProjectSaved» (and the name «Load object» have been changed to «Load Project»).

Menu: Preference page updates, all shortcuts are now included

VR mode: The collide box of the preview of the object does not allow to grab the slot.

VR mode: Measure tool now displays holographic triangle only when a measure has been taken (else too confusing to know where measure starts from).

VR mode: User was asked to save HDR even if HDR was not changed.

Software installation: updated icons and names (to uninstall, much easier now, name start with «MeshroomVR - xxx»).

Polygon optimizer: Better stability. No more crash on biggest files.