Animation player

From the HDR editor or the console in VR,  play all created animations of your 3D file. Supported formats with animations : .GLTF, .GLB, .FBX and .DAE.


From the material editor,  import your own stickers (PNG format recommended) then apply them on the concerned parts.

New camera navigation tool

Create your own camera motions thanks to the camera panel in the HDR Editor.

Import of native sketchup files

Import directly your native sketchup files (.SKP).


"Ambient occlusion" parameter

Improve the realistic rendering of your 3D files by reducing or darkening shadow areas.



"Shadow hardness" parameter

Choose to have harder or softer shadows.


Import: Import a downloaded material by double clicking on MRM file.

Import: Percentage of loading displayed during import.

Import: Solved a crash with polygon optimisze with 0 faces objects.

Import: The FBX import of a Naviswork file is now fast.

HDR editor : Normal or High quality bloom are now more consistent.

HDR editor: Camera position can be saved with CRTL + NUMPAD 1 TO 9 (and recall by NUMPAD 1 to 9).

HDR editor: Fixed a random crash when updating materials.

HDR editor: Button added to enable the pure white shader.


Import: A bmp file is no longer making Meshroom crash.

Import: Going back after import now display a confirmation request.

HDR editor: Improvment of the reflection quality.

HDR editor: Updated desert HDR.

HDR editor:  The bloom is more consistent between material editor and HDR editor.

HDR editor: Improvment of the HDR sphere.

HDR editor: Possibility to use color on "pure white" shader.

Material editor: The cells can no longer be left empty.

Material editor: The focus is kept on the texts even if the mouse is outside.

Material editor: Fixed a bug where you could see purple textures.

Material editor: Press Key X to take a picture.

Material editor: A click on "auto generate" no longer resets the scale to 1.

Art: Plane in Scale screen is now white.

VR mode: Controller collide sphere is now on the controller peak.