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    Getting started
    When starting Meshroom VR application by double clicking on the icon, you will be taken through various self-evident screens that will allow you to import, open, configure and get started in VR to be able to visualize your objects:
    Screen 1 : Welcome screen with your license details
    Screen 2 : selection of new project, load or recent files
    Screen 3 : Drag & drop new file in the area
    Screen 4 : Use the arrows to rotate the object
    Screen 5 : validate the unit used to ensure scale 1:1
    Screen 6 : Select the right room and enter the VR mode

    It is now time to put the HTC Vive helmet on your head.

    HTC Vive controller buttons when in VR mode
    There are 4 buttons of the HTC Vive controller to be used when using Meshroom VR Studio:

    Controller button 1: Teleport
    Pressing the Teleport button will generate a blue teleportation Beam. Keep the button pressed and move the handle until the end of the beam is positioned in the place you want to be teleported. Releasing the button will execute the teleportation to that point.
    This can be repeated as many times as needed to reach points that are beyond the beam reach.

    Controller button 2: Grab / Press an objet, a texture or a button
    This button looks like a trigger. It is used to either action an element or grab one. For instance it can be used in Normal mode to grab and move the object, or in the Edit material mode to grab a material ball and move it to a different place (Edit material table or texturing table). The release of the button will cause the end of the grabbing.
    Secondly, this button can be used to activate elements such as the virtual “saved level” buttons , the “save elevation” buttons or grab the up/down handle in the elevator mode, or turn left and right the texturing table in the Texturing mode.

    Controller button 3: Switching from Normal to Texturing mode
    Here are screenshots of the switching from normal view to the texturing mode using the side button. Note that in Normal mode, the object is at scale 1:1. While in Texturing mode, the size of the object is adapted to fit the best on the texturing table.

    NEW : In the texturing mode you can also use the material edit table that allows to modify the characteristics of a given material.
    Depending on the material you place on the edit table, the sliders will be different. You can ten modify the characteristics (colour and others) and then either place the resulting material on the shelves or directly on the texturing table.
    NEW: While in Editing texture mode, the Controller MENU BUTTON can be used to change edition balls on table (LEFT/RIGHT controller is rotating +10 and -10 balls ). This is useful to edit materials for models that have more than 20 different materials.

    Controller button 4: Using the elevation panel
    NEW: When pressing the Vive Menu button while in VR mode, the elevation panel will appear. Use the trigger button to grab the handle or to activate any of the buttons on the elevation panel.
    Those buttons can be used to save permanently a height in one of the three available slots, allowing to save relevant levels for a specific model.

    Keyboard functions when in VR viewing
    There are also some keyboard buttons that are good to know:
    Esc: while in VR mode, if pressing the Esc key (Escape), The program will exit the VR mode.
    R: while in VR mode, if pressing the R key (reset), the object will take its original position in the show room.
    N: while in VR mode, if pressing the N key (next), The next showroom will be loaded with the same object in it.
    X: NEW : while in VR mode, if pressing the X key, the program will store the image of the current VR view in the “Documents/MeshRoomVR/ProjectsSave” directory on your computer.
    1,2,3 (num pad): Image quality : change image resolution : 1 is highest quality and 3 is the lowest.

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