How to export a .obj file from Rhino?

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    To get the best results in Meshroom, your model needs to be a .OBJ file because it can be supported by our library, and it is the most balanced type between its weight and its quality.

    Here the way to save a .OBJ file in Rhino:

    1. Launch Rhino.
    2. Open your file. Click on “file”, “Open” then select you file.
    3. Save as. Click on “file” and then on “Save As”.
    4. .OBJ file. Choose the folder in which you want to save your file, then select .OBJ type (OBJ (*.obj)). Afterwards set the settings clicking on “Options”.
    5. Set Options. In “Save Object As”, select “Polygon Mesh” (1); in “End-of-line Characters”, select “Windows (CRLF)” (2) ; in “Export Rhino object names”, select “As OBJ groups (Use for export to 3dsMax.)” (3) ; in “Vertex welding”, select “Unmodified” (4) ; check the all the boxes except “Map Rhino Z to OBJ Y” (so 4 boxes checked) ; click on “Ok” (5).
    6. Save. Click on “Save”.
    7. Click on “Ok”.
    8. Resolution. In the “Polygon Mesh Options” box, let the cursor on the middle. Click on “Ok”.

    Your file is well saved, and ready to be used in Meshroom VR

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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